Mangle images – resolved (hopefully)

And now it’s time to eat a large slice of humble pie. It’s a little hard to digest, but here we go.

Up until yesterday, I was confident the Kindle book “mangled images” problem was the fault of one or two dodgy Kindle devices, not my beautiful ebook file. After all, the book looked fine both on my Kindle Paperwhite and Amazon’s Kindle for PC. Plus the constituent HTML files were good on various browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera). So, “not my fault, gov”.

As a definitive check, I decided to buy myself the basic Kindle 6″ E Ink Display. It arrived yesterday. I was mortified to see that the diagrams (there’s about a hundred of these) were, as reported, distorted, sort of weirdly overlying each other (sometimes – this appears to be an intermittent fault). It took me several hours to get find out why. All the diagrams are in GIF format and all have a transparent background. That was the problem. When I changed the background to white, they displayed fine. I’ve now uploaded a revised Kindle book file with white background GIFs. I’ve also emailed Amazon, requesting they advise readers there is an updated version available.

Apologies to all readers who were inconvenienced by this problem.