Mangled images in Kindle book

Out of several thousand copies sold, a few readers (five at the last count) have complained of distorted images in the Kindle book. Marcus was the first to raise this issue, on Neither I nor the experts at Kindle Direct Publishing Support have been able to replicate this problem, which is good news unless you are one of the unfortunate readers so affected. As I say in my final comment under Marcus’s discussion, unless further information comes to light, it seems reasonable to assume that this is an individual Kindle device problem rather that an ebook file problem.

Of course, Amazon has a seven-day return policy for books bought from the Kindle Store. If you do purchase the Kindle book, I suggest you skim through it soon after downloading to ensure the images are OK and return the book if they aren’t. If you have the time and inclination, it would also be useful to contact Kindle Customer Support to ask them to check whether there is a problem with your Kindle device.